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Product Review: Deuter Kid Comfort III

Product Review: Deuter Kid Comfort III

Colin Socha January 3, 2018

Disclosure- this post contains affiliate links.

After a few days of seeing how much fun Allison was having with her new blog, I got jealous and wrote a post of my own. Fortunately for me, she is a kind person and allowed me to post it. I decided to review a product we use a lot. We love to take our daughter Adeline with us on our adventures, but until she can keep up on her own we sometimes need a little help. One of our favorite baby-haulers is the Deuter Kid Comfort III.

As far as wearable carriers go, this is the Cadillac of baby saddles. An ergonomically built full-frame pack capable of carrying children from around 6 months to 5 years old. At a light but sturdy 7 lbs and consuming several cubic feet of volume, it’s not something you take for a short impromptu walk. This is Deuter’s largest and most expensive carrier. It’s the pack you want when hiking for several hours up the mountainous slopes of Yosemite Valley.

Despite its rather imposing size, the KCIII is actually quite comfortable. The secret is the padding and highly adjustable structure. There are well-ventilated and thick cushions on all the straps which can be adjusted at the hip, back, shoulder, and chest. For the best fit, keep the waist belt fastened tightly just above your hip bones. Carrying the load on your legs rather than your shoulders will make for a much more enjoyable hike. Deuter also has a wonderful blog post with more instructions for properly fitting the Kid Comfort line.

There’s no shortage of great features either. A collapsible sun/rain shade and stirrups keep our little one comfortable and protected. Six gear pockets can hold up to 18L of necessities. I can easily get a day’s worth of essentials (diapers, food, water) into the KCIII for my wife, daughter, and I. The left hip even sports a 7th bonus pocket with a personal rear-view mirror. At first, the dainty reflector looks like a gimmick, but you’ll end up loving it. Perfect for getting a quick peek at the little one when they’ve passed out or need some extra love.

This is one of the best child carriers money can buy, however, it is a bit of an investment. It’ a good candidate for your annual 20% REI member’s coupon or a consignment purchase. Quality craftsmanship ensures that even older models are often still performing well and a top choice.