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Review: 365 by Whole Foods in Concord

Review: 365 by Whole Foods in Concord

Allison January 13, 2018

Since having my daughter, I have been a pretty loyal Whole Foods shopper. I have been committed to purchasing organic foods for my family, and I really enjoy the selection of Whole Foods. I have definitely been spending more on my grocery bills since I made the switch from Safeway to Whole Foods, but I knew it was worth it for my ideals. This is why I was very excited when I heard that a new type of store, 365 by Whole Foods, would be opening in Concord. Since it opened in early December, I have visited several times. If you have been unsure about trekking over, read my review to find out if its worth the trip.

365 by Whole Foods ★★★★☆

Address: 2085 Diamond Blvd Suite Suite 125 Concord, CA 94520


Hours: 8am-10pm Seven Days a Week

Parking: ★★★★★ 

The parking lot in the new Veranda shopping center is actually really great. The spaces are large and roomy enough for all of the large SUVs parked in them. There is plenty of parking, and even during the busy Christmas shopping season I never had a problem parking.

Another thing I appreciate is that there are plenty of places to put your cart back in the parking lot. When I am shopping with my toddler, I don’t want to leave her in the car alone or have to walk a long distance trying to find a spot to park my cart, so I appreciate that there are multiple stalls per row of the lot. The City of Concord has also redone the lights on Diamond Blvd and the surrounding streets, so it is easy to get out of the lot and get to where you are going. There is still some residual construction as of writing this post, so just be on the lookout for closed lanes because of that.

Selection: ★★★☆☆ 

One of the reasons that 365 by Whole Foods can boast cheaper prices, is because they offer fewer choices than the traditional Whole Foods. While at first, I didn’t notice a huge difference in selection, the last few times I have visited I haven’t been able to find things that are usually readily available. Because I use the PlateJoy app to plan my meals, I usually have specific groceries I need to buy each week. Last weekend, I could not find a single Brussel Sprout in the entire store, including the frozen section, and it is currently Brussel Spout season! Today I couldn’t find any zucchini. Although I know it is not zucchini season so I don’t feel as frustrated about that.

There is also plenty of options for organic produce. Almost everything sold in the produce section comes in either conventional or organic. Another area that has less selection than Whole Foods is the bulk bins. There are no bulk spices available, and the regular bulk section is much smaller than a typical Whole Foods. Other than what I mentioned, I have had pretty good luck finding everything else I normally buy. And the prices are definitely cheaper than regular Whole Foods!

Accessibility to Families: ★★★★☆ 

365 by Whole Foods is a clean and organized store. The carts are large enough to hold a week’s worth of groceries, my toddler, and a diaper bag. However, they are not so big that the aisles are clogged with carts. They also have two different sized hand baskets, a larger one that rolls and a conventional sized one that you hold. The baby and infant section is not as extensive as I have seen in other Whole Foods, but it definitely has everything we need.

The bathroom is located in the back of the store near the wine section. It is clean and functional. However, the changing table is in the main part of the bathroom. If it is opened, it blocks access to most of the stalls. For some reason, this store has the world’s tiniest conveyor belts at the checkout. You cannot fit a whole cart’s worth of groceries on the conveyor belt at once. I have no idea why they would make the belts so small. It makes things difficult for both you and your cashier, who is trying to pack your groceries with very minimal counter space. I guess they were thinking this would be more of a convenience shopping store. But with great prices and quality produce, I expect to do most of my shopping here.

Special Features: ★★★★★ 

This new store has tons of special features. The first one I love is the Urban Remedy store area. Urban Remedy is a store within a store that sells cold-pressed juices. It also sells other organic, healthy snacks and meals. I am addicted to their juices and their Banana Brittle (you have to try it!).

This store also has a Next Level Burger inside of it. Next Level Burger is complete plant-based food. All of their burgers are yummy, and they have lots of gluten free options as well. My toddler loves their crinkle-cut fries (and you can get them baked instead of fried). 365 by Whold Foods also has a taqueria inside of it, but I have yet to try that, although it looks like it has tons of tasty choices. They also have the typical Whole Foods salad and hot food bar, which is great for a quick lunch.

Overall, 365 by Whole Foods is definitely worth a trip. You will find the same quality of products that typical Whole Foods have, but less of the customer service features like a butcher counter, cheesemonger, or bakery. As long as you don’t mind buying pre-packaged meat, I think you will enjoy this store and will see a positive effect on your wallet! Make sure to use the buttons on the left to share this article with your friends and family! If you need help figuring out what to purchase at the grocery store, check out my article on the meal-planning app PlateJoy here.


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