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Valentine’s Day Date Night, 5 Tips for Setting Your Baby Sitter Up for Success

Valentine’s Day Date Night, 5 Tips for Setting Your Baby Sitter Up for Success

Allison January 21, 2018

Before we had a daughter, my husband and I had a tradition that we would switch off planning our Valentine’s Day activity each year. These romantic excursions included a trip to Napa, fancy dinners, fondue, and lots of wine. Now that we have a toddler it can be a little more challenging to get out on a date night, but it’s important to still make time for them, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.

Finding a Babysitter

The first step to planning your date night when you’re a parent is to find a sitter. There are many different ways to accomplish this. We have been fortunate to have family and friends who have been willing to watch our daughter most of the time, but we have also used a local nanny service to find a sitter before. There are many different apps and websites to hire babysitters through today. Some examples are, UrbanSitter, and SitterCity. Start looking early for a sitter, especially if you are planning a weekend date night or one for a popular day like Valentine’s Day. Some sitters will even talk or meet with you ahead of time so that you feel more comfortable with them before leaving your child alone with them. Once you find someone you like, make sure to keep their contact information handy so you can hire them again!

5 Tips for Setting Your Sitter Up for Success

Once you found the person who will be watching your kids, make sure that you set them up for success. Planning ahead will help you enjoy your evening more, instead of worrying about what you may have forgotten. Here are 5 simple tips for making sure your sitter, your kids, and you have an enjoyable night.

      1. Have a list of emergency contacts handy. Keep it on the fridge so that your sitter doesn’t need to look around everywhere for it in a hectic situation. The list should include yours and your spouse’s numbers, poison control, grandparents or any other nearby relatives or friends.  Consider adding the location of your nearest local hospital as well.


      1. Keep your child’s favorite snacks and toys out and let your sitter know what they are. This should be a fun and special occasion for your children as well. If it isn’t they may throw a fit and you won’t feel you can leave the house again.


      1. Plan out some fun activities that the sitter can do with your children. Some sitters are absolutely fantastic and come with a big bag of tricks, but just in case they don’t, prepare a new activity book, Play-Doh, or something else that your child loves to do so that the sitter can have a fun activity for them.


      1. Go over screen time with your sitter. Do you allow it? What type of screens are allowed? How much time is allowed? Sometimes it could be fun for your sitter to have a movie night with your child, especially if that is what you are out doing as well. If you do allow screen time, make sure your sitter knows how to use the technology in the house. Nothing is worse for a sitter than fumbling with a remote when your child is screaming for their favorite show or movie.


      1. Make sure your sitter knows your child’s bedtime routine. Children thrive with routine, so whether it is you, their grandparent, or a sitter putting them to bed, your child should do the same routine. This will help set them at ease, and hopefully, fall asleep faster. My daughter’s routine includes putting on her pajamas, cleaning up her toys, having a glass of milk, and brushing her teeth. She knows this routine inside and out and has no problem hopping right into bed each night. Even when someone else is watching her.


Enjoy Your Date Night

Follow these simple steps and you will be out enjoying your date night with your special someone. Regular date nights are important for your relationship, and spending time with others helps your children build independence. So make sure to make these nights a priority! Happy Valentine’s Day, make sure to use the buttons on the left to share this page with your friends!

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  1. The Family Man January 21, 2018

    Date Nights – A little slice of sanity for all the parents of the world. They are a definite necessity. As much as we love our little ones, we all need a break from time to time. On our last one the waitress asked if we were out celebrating anything in particular. We smiled and replied, “Four hours away from the kids.” Not sure if she understood, but I’m pretty sure all the parents out there do!