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The Best Toddler Rain Gear for Playing Outside

The Best Toddler Rain Gear for Playing Outside

Allison January 25, 2018

I have never been a huge fan of the rain. I live in California and we only get one or two rainy months a year, so luckily I don’t have to deal with it that much. Before having a child, I would just do my best to stay inside and avoid the whole mess. However, my daughter loves to be outside, and I love that about her. She would definitely need some toddler rain gear. So as winter approached, I started to look into our options for staying dry in wet weather. I knew I wanted something that would be easy to move around in, and actually, keep her dry. She is only 16-months-old, I wanted to make sure her mobility wouldn’t be hindered. Here is the best toddler rain gear that I have found.

This post contains affiliate links. I get a small commission when you purchase an item through one of my links, but you don’t have to pay any more! Thanks for supporting my site so I can continue to bring you great content for free!

Oakiwear Rain Suit

Oakiwear has come up with a great rain suit for young children that should be part of your toddler rain gear.  Kids wearing this rain suit stay nearly 100% dry during outdoor play. The genius behind this rain suit is how customizable it is. I was worried about spending a lot of money on rain gear that Adeline would just grow out of in a few months.

Oakiwear rain suits grow with your child. Adjustable straps on the ankles and wrists help fit the suit to your child’s exact size. There are also bungee cords in the waist and hood. All of these adjustments mean that you can buy a suit at least two sizes bigger than what your child wears and still have it fit. While Addie may look a little silly in it, she’s only 1 so she doesn’t really care how she looks. Her mobility is not hindered at all because the straps on the wrists and ankles keep the suit in place. The durable suit has every seam lined and waterproof. We hope to get at least two winters out of the Oakiwear Rain Suit.

Timberland Whiteledge WaterPROof Hiking Boot 

While researching footwear for Addie to wear in the rain, mobility was a big issue for me. Rainboots are all the rage, and I love all of their cute designs. However, I personally have trouble walking in them, so I was worried about my daughter, who has only been walking for six months, stumbling around in rain boots.   I also knew that we would be spending a lot of time out in nature, and I’m not sure that rainboots could hold up to mud and muck.

Hiking boots might seem like overkill for a toddler, but they are actually the best choice for outdoor rain play. Hiking boots have great arch and ankle support so that your child can walk around easily. Make sure to purchase waterproof hiking boots. I bought these boots a size too big for my daughter so that they would last awhile. Despite being large, she can walk around in them with no problem. This is due to their great design, specifically for walking outside. These boots are well made, their waterproof leather has held up to mud and rocks as well as rain. I highly recommend considering hiking boots over rain boots for your toddler’s rain gear.

Traditional Raincoat

Of course, there are sometimes where a big rain suit is an overkill. That’s why it’s a great idea to also have a traditional raincoat as part of your toddler rain gear as well. These do not have to be anything fancy or expensive. A simple raincoat like this one will be sufficient since you will be saving the crazy outdoor play for the rain suit. I like to keep a raincoat for my toddler in our “base camp” in the back of our car, just in case we run into a random rainstorm. You can read about what else is in my base camp here.

Traditional raincoats usually come in cute patterns and are great for trips to the grocery store or library. I especially like that they are really simple to take on and off. I can unzip the coat and pull it off Addie before putting her in her car seat without having to spend a ton of time standing in the rain. They are not as durable as a rain suit, and also will not keep your child’s legs dry, so I wouldn’t recommend them for long periods of outdoor play.

Splashing in puddles is a rite of childhood. Every child should have the chance to play in the rain, and also be comfortable while doing it. If you use this recommended toddler rain gear, your child will have a blast next time it rains. Leave me a comment of your favorite toddler rain gear, and make sure to share this with your friends using the buttons on the left!


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