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Review: Habitot Children’s Museum in Berkeley, CA

Review: Habitot Children’s Museum in Berkeley, CA

Allison January 30, 2018

My husband Colin and I shared our first apartment together in Berkeley. We lived at the corner of 63rd and Adeline and loved our space there. Unfortunately, we got priced out of Berkeley and had to move out to the suburbs, but we still hold Berkeley dear to our hearts. We even named our daughter Adeline after that intersection! When our friends gifted us with a pass to Habitot Children’s Museum in Berkeley for Adeline’s birthday, I was so excited to visit my old stomping grounds with my girl. Adeline is at a great age where she is constantly experimenting with her physical limits and starting to use her imagination. Habitot provides the perfect playspaces for young children like Addie to explore and test their boundaries.

Habitot Children’s Museum ★★★★☆

Address: 2065 Kittredge Street Berkeley, CA 94704


Hours: FALL & WINTER: October 1 – March 31 Monday – Thursday 9:30 – 12:30 Friday – Sunday 9:30 – 4:30 Sunday 9:30-4:30

SPRING & SUMMER: April 1 – September 30 Monday – Thursday 9:30 – 12:30 Friday – Saturday 9:30 – 4:30 Sunday – Rentals

Parking: ★★★☆☆ 

Habitot Children’s Museum is located right in downtown Berkeley, so there is no dedicated parking lot. I live in the suburbs now and drive a large SUV so parallel parking on the street can be a bit scary. Instead, I found a parking garage a block away. The garage was small and already full, but the attendants were nice and stacked my car for me. I had to leave my keys behind, but I felt better about having the car in the garage than on the street. You can also find metered street parking as well as several other garages nearby. For more in-depth information about directions and parking check out Habitot’s website.

Exhibits: ★★★★★

Habitot is split up into several different play areas. When entering the museum, the newest exhibit, Annie’s Little Farm, greets you. The Little Farm includes a chicken coup, vegetables ready to harvest, John Deere tractors, a fishing pond, and a horse that kids can “ride”. Addie had a ball riding the tractors and carrying around a basket of peppers. There’s also several standard exhibits year round. These exhibits include train tables, a reading room, a cafe and market, an art area, water tables, wind tunnel, and infant and toddler zone. Adeline loved them all, but could probably spend all day “making meals” in the cafe. Also great was art space. A safe place for toddlers to get as messy as they want, and even paint on the walls!

Activities: ★★★★★

Habitot offers more than just unstructured playtime for young children. There’s also special events. Every month Habitot plans at least two or three different special events to help bring new experiences to the kids. This month they had a confetti art event, as well as a snow event. Next month they will have events around Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. Habitot also offers a Parents’ Night Out every fourth Friday. We haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine it’s a lot of fun for your 2-7 year old to have a pizza party and supervised play while you and your partner enjoy a night out. Check out Habitot’s website for dates and pricing. Habitot also hosts classes, camps, and seasonal workshops. I can’t wait to bring Addie back for more of these fun events!

Accessibility to Families: ★★★★★ 

Habitot creates different spaces in their small museum to allow for all kinds play among their young patrons. This museum knows who their clientele are and definitely caters to young children. The bathroom is equipped with not only a changing table but also a seat that you can buckle your child into while you use the restroom. The reading room is a perfect spot for breastfeeding moms. There is even a snack room so that your little ones can chow down without getting crumbs on all of the toys. Habitot is even a nut free zone, which is great for families who are affected by allergies. It seems that the Habitot staff has really thought through all of the details in how to best serve families and small children.

Cost: ★★★☆☆ 

Habitot is not necessarily a cheap trip. Tickets are $12/person (and adults must pay the entrance fee as well, children under 12 months are free). There’s a few different options if you would like to purchase multiple tickets at once. Monthly memberships are available for 2 to 6 people. If you live in Berkeley or nearby I would definitely recommend getting a membership. Habitot is perfect for rainy days, or for a morning outing, which would make the $24/month worth it. We were lucky enough to have been gifted a family day pass. If we lived closer to Habitot we would look into the membership, but living in Concord we probably won’t make it there quite enough.

Overall, Habitot is a very fun place for young children to play and explore. Make sure your little one wears old clothes so they can take full advantage of the art space. Be mindful of the hours, many days Habitot only stays open until 12:30 pm. Enjoy your time at this fun and unique space in Berkeley, and if you have some time to kill before nap head over to any of the awesome restaurants on Shattuck for lunch!

Have you been to Habitot? Do you know of another Children’s Museum that we should visit? Please comment below and make sure to use the buttons to the left to share this review with your friends!

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  1. Habitot February 9, 2018

    Aw shucks, thanks.

    The pictures you took are so cute! That look on Adeline’s face, in the picture of her painting, is so cute it hurts 🙂