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Product Review: Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Product Review: Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Allison February 7, 2018

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Before I was pregnant I had never given much thought to baby carriers. While my husband and I researched items for our baby registry, we started to look into all the different options. There are so many choices when it comes to baby carriers! After consulting many blogs and product reviews, we decided on the Tula Ergonomic Carrier. We added the carrier and the infant insert to our registry. We received it months before Adeline was even born, and we wouldn’t find out how we really felt about it until a few weeks into her life.

Using the Tula with an Infant

The first time I remember using the Tula was when Addie was about four weeks old. I made plans with a friend I met in prenatal yoga to go for a walk with our new babes. I was nervous about holding her in the Tula and making sure that she was comfortable the whole time. The infant insert made it very easy to place Adeline properly in the carrier. The insert has a little block to raise the baby up in the carrier (as you should be able to kiss their heads). It also has a semi-structured back to help hold the baby in place and support their head. Finally, there is a velcro t-strap to make sure that the insert stays in place with your baby.

The backseat of a car is the perfect place to get your baby into the insert. You can lie them flat on the seat to strap them in. For me, this made it much easier. Especially when I was by myself. When you’re carrying an infant in a carrier, you want to always keep them on your front and facing you. The Tula made this very comfortable and easy to manage by myself. I would place the Tula around my waist, snug Addie inside the infant insert close to my waistline, and then pull the shoulder straps over my arms. The ergonomic design of the Tula makes it really easy to buckle all the straps yourself.

Our Favorite Features

One thing I love about the Tula is its versatility. My husband is several inches taller than me and has a wider chest. It is very easy to resize the Tula after he has worn it, that there is no need to have more than one carrier. The Tula is also lightweight and compact. We keep it in our car most of the time because it is easy to just whip out if we need it. One day I had to run some errands after Addie’s check-up at the doctor. It was still early in the morning so I didn’t expect her to fall asleep in the car, but she did! I was so glad that I had the Tula in the car so that I could carry her around the store while she snoozed instead of waking her up to get her into a cart.

I also like that it is simple to use. There are just the right amount of straps and adjustments to make it comfortable, but not too many to make it overly complicated. It also is very well-made! I have used the Tula almost every day for nearly 16 months and it still looks like new. This is so important because these carriers are investments and they need to hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life with a baby.

The Tula works great for going for a walk, running errands, going through the airport, hiking, and just baby-wearing around the house. Colin even used it to wear Addie while vacuuming! It comes in many different patterns so you can find the one that matches your baby’s style the best. We have a cute one with trees on it, but I have seen some other designs that I am super jealous of, like unicorns!

Toddler-Wearing with the Tula

Now that Addie is a walking-talking toddler, I still use the Tula daily. Addie loves to go on walks, but she is pretty slow moving. With our family’s new dog I have to take everyone on dog walks twice a day, and the dog does not want to wait for her little legs to go down the street. Luckily for us, Addie doesn’t mind being in the Tula at all. I think this is due to its design. There are cushions under her thighs, and she sits comfortably in the sling so that she can still see what is going on. I have also perfected getting her onto my back on my own. Which by the way is a much more comfortable way to hold a toddler. To see a video of how I move Addie from a front carry to a back carry click here. Addie really loves being close to me, and the bouncing movement often lulls her to sleep on our walks.

I am constantly surprised by the versatility of the Tula. Never would I have imagined myself still using it on a daily basis with a toddler. I am so happy that I chose this carrier out of all of the choices. Which carrier do you use? Have you tried out the Tula? Share your experiences below. Please use the buttons on the left to share this post with your friends!