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Review: Studio Grow Blackhawk


The last few weeks, Adeline and I have visited several different Bay Area museums geared towards toddlers. These museums are perfect for little ones to be independent and explore on their own. One of the most common requests I hear from you, my readers, is that you need a place for your toddlers to play on the weekends! Studio Grow Blackhawk offers a safe indoor place for young ones to go wild, and it’s open on Saturdays. This hands-on children’s space is the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon.

Studio Grow Blackhawk ★★★★☆

Address: 3612 Blackhawk Plaza Drive Danville, CA 94506


Hours: Monday through Friday 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

Parking ★★★★★

Studio Grow Blackhawk is located inside the Blackhawk Shopping Center. This center has ample parking all around so that shouldn’t be an issue. You will have to walk into the center of the shopping center to get to the front door, so be prepared for a 5-minute walk on toddler legs (or carry them in a Tula or stroller). There are a lot of shops and restaurants in the shopping center, so make a day of it, and get lunch after your visit.

Blackhawk is not easily accessible by freeway or public transportation. If you are going on a weekday morning be prepared for traffic and a long drive down Camino Tassajara. If you live in Danville or Blackhawk then it should be very easy to get to.

Exhibits: ★★★★★

Studio Grow Blackhawk is one large room set-up with several different play areas. As soon as you walk into the main play area of Studio Grow Blackhawk, you notice how clean and organized it is! There are no shoes allowed for either kids or parents, but I think that helps to keep the carpet and climbing structures spotless. I can tell that the staff is meticulous about cleaning the toys, structures, bathrooms, and sitting areas. We visited with two other friends, Hudson and Avery. All of the kids loved the jungle-gym, especially the slides. The structure has tunnels and ladders so older kids will enjoy it as well.

Other hits were the play kitchen and play house (with an upstairs loft). Addie loved playing the baby dolls and putting them to bed in the miniature crib. There is a cute little reading area with a couch if your child needs some downtime. Tables with activities like puzzles and blocks make up the middle of the large room.

Activities: ★★★☆☆ 

Studio Grow Blackhawk offers a fun engagement time on weekday mornings at 11. When we visited, the staff member turned on a bubble machine and facilitated some parachute play. We sang a few songs as a group. The kids there that day were on the younger side, so they weren’t particularly excited by these activities. However, I do appreciate the effort to offer some structured play during the day.

There is also a room available for rent if you want to have a birthday party for your child. While we were visiting, there was a Music Together class happening in the room, so I imagine other groups rent the space as well.

Accessibility to Families: ★★★★★

In the lobby, there are tables, chairs, and high chairs so that you can eat a snack or lunch with your little ones. There is no food or drink (even water) allowed in the play space. I am sure this is one of the reasons it is so clean. There are two bathrooms, one in the play space and one in the lobby area. Both have changing tables and diaper pails (to help keep the smell down). There is ample stroller parking in the lobby. Little cubbies line the walls so that you can put your shoes and bags in a safe spot. As this place is made for small children, it is very family-friendly.

Cost: ★★★

Studio Grow Blackhawk is very affordable. It is $10 per child (ages 0-12), and adults are $5. If you have more than one adult per child, then the extra adults are free! You can also purchase a monthly membership for $69/one child. There are discounts for multiple children on a membership. You can also purchase discounted “green cards”. For $85 you can get a $100 green card that can be used for admission, or snacks and drinks for sale. If you plan on going often, the membership or green card options are great choices. After my first visit, I even got an email with $5 off coupon for the green card. One thing I also love is that you can come and go throughout the day. So you can pay your admission for the day, leave for nap time and come back without paying again!

Studio Grow Blackhawk is a great place for little ones to explore and gain independence. The clean and spacious play space offers something for every child. Have you ever visited? Let me know what you think in the comments below!