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Review: Raymond’s Bakery and B&B- A Beautiful Getaway in the Redwoods

Review: Raymond’s Bakery and B&B- A Beautiful Getaway in the Redwoods

Allison February 24, 2018

This Valentine’s Day my husband gifted me a weekend getaway to Sonoma County. With family living on the East Coast, most of our vacations involve long plane rides and lots of extended family time. Once I found out we were going to a little town in the middle of a redwood forest, just the three of us, I was so excited. I started looking forward to getting cozy by a fireplace, hiking among giant trees, and sipping wine on patios. I knew I would like the cottage he picked out on Airbnb, but I didn’t know that it, and the entire property it sits on, would be the highlight of the weekend.

The little cottage B&B is run by Mark Weiss, owner of Raymond’s Bakery and B&B in Cazadero, California. Mark opened his bakery 16 years ago after leaving the corporate world of the Bay Area. Now he is a baker, B&B host, and single father of a 13-year-old and twin 7-year-olds. He spends his mornings baking hundreds of loaves of bread and sweet treats to sell at farmer’s markets and share with his guests. The rest of his days are dedicated to raising his family, only opening his storefront on Friday nights for a community pizza party. Below is my review of our cottage and the entire experience of staying at Raymond’s Bakery and B&B.

Elim Grove, Raymond’s Bakery, and B&B ★★★★★

Address: 5400 Cazadero Highway, Cazadero, CA 95421

Website: Bakery- B&B-

Hours: Right now the Bakery is only open on Friday nights from 5-9pm for Pizza and Beer night. The cottages are always available to rent.

Accommodations ★★★★★

There are five cottages on the Raymond’s Bakery property. We stayed at the Paradise Grove cottage which is located in the back of the grounds. This is the only two room cottage available, the other four are one-bedroom. Our toddler, Adeline, sleeps so much better when she has her own room, so we really appreciate that it is an option.

As soon as we walked into our cottage, we knew we were in for a treat. The smartly-furnished cabin was already warm, as the host, Mark had turned on the room heaters before we arrived. We found two plates full of freshly-baked goodies sitting on the kitchen island. We have stayed in many Airbnb’s in the past, and many of them tend to be sparsely decorated. However, the Paradise Grove cottage is full of unique art, books, and board games to keep us entertained. Including a crocheted Giraffe bust mounted on the wall.

The rest of the accommodations in the Paradise Grove cottage are fantastic. There is a vintage kitchen with several unique appliances if you want to make meals at home. We ended up making dinner here because it was easier than trying to go out to eat with a toddler and a dog. The beds are comfortable, nothing fancy but you don’t need fancy in this quaint cottage. I was afraid that the cottage would be cold, as we were experiencing a big cold spell during our stay, but the heaters that were provided actually worked too well!

Location ★★★★★

Raymond’s Bakery and B&B is located in Cazadero, California. I had never heard of this tiny little town in Sonoma County before Colin booked our stay. I was slightly worried about how far away it is from anything else. About 25 minutes from Guerneville, the nearest town with amenities. However, I really appreciated the secluded environment when we were there. All the cottages in Cazadero seem to have been in families for generations. As you drive down Cazadero Highway you see cabins with names like “The Bleu House” and “Crow’s nest”. I immediately started day-dreaming about buying our own little cottage on Austin Creek.

Cazadero Highway follows Austin Creek, a little stream that feeds into the Russian River. If you drive one mile past Raymond’s Bakery you will head into the town of Cazadero. There isn’t much there, but what is there is fantastic. First, you’ll pass by an open-air Catholic Church in the middle of a redwood forest. Also in town, there is the Cazadero General Store. It’s not much, but it does have some basic supplies if you need them, as well as a deli and freshly brewed coffee. The only other site in town is vintage Jeep restoration shop. If you have the time, it might be fun to check out their collection of classic Jeeps.

Accessibility to Families ★★★★★

Raymond’s Bakery and B&B is a great place for families. Being a family man himself, Mark is very accommodating. We messaged him before our arrival and asked if he had a Pack N Play for us to use so that we didn’t have to lug ours up there. He said yes, but when we first arrived we didn’t see it in the cottage. We messaged Mark again, and he called the cottage phone shortly after and said he had it down in the bakery. He invited us to come down and grab it and stay for a glass of wine or a beer.

When we popped into the Bakery, Mark invited us in even though we had our dog, Roxie, with us. He was very patient with Addie running around and even had kids toys for her to play with. The next morning he invited us back down for house-roasted coffee and fresh pastries. Addie loved the berry muffins and fresh sourdough bread. So did we!

One of my favorite things about the cottage itself was the accessibility to Austin Creek. Right across from our us was a staircase leading right down to the water’s edge. This is great for families. You won’t have to worry about your child falling down a slippery slope into the water. While it was way too cold for swimming at this time of year, I imagine in the summer that this shallow and slow-moving creek would be the perfect place to take a dip.

If you are looking for a quiet getaway to reconnect with nature and your family, I highly recommend Raymond’s Bakery and B&B. I cannot wait for our next trip, I better get to planning it!

Have you been to Raymond’s Bakery or Cazadero? I’d love to hear your experiences, leave a comment below! Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might want to visit this fantastic spot![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



  1. cynthia February 25, 2018

    GREAT READ!!! We must go here!!! When you plan your next trip, hit us up!!! <3