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Feature Friday- Kat Califf of Califfcreations

Feature Friday- Kat Califf of Califfcreations

Allison March 30, 2018

This week’s featured Mamapreneur is a new acquaintance of mine. We both started our blogs around the same time and found each other in the blogging community. It feels really good to support other bloggers who are at a similar place in their career as you, and I have enjoyed watching Kat’s blog grow and thrive. Make sure you check out her page where she highlights her latest crochet creations, new recipes (that help sneak healthy food into her 2-year-old), and general parenting advice. You can find it at Find out more about Kat Califf in her interview below.


Kat Califf

Kids (ages)

Donovan – 2 and another on the way due September 28th

What are you passionate about? How have you turned your passions into a career?

I have many passions. I love photography and crochet and have done commissioned work in both of these areas. My main passions, however, are nature, helping others, and my family. I’m turning this into a career by creating a blog to share my experience and knowledge. My goal is that others can relate to my experience and know that they are not alone and possibly learn from both my failures and my successes. Over the years, I have had many jobs, but never turned any of them into a true career. My degree in biology was never truly used, but it does help me in my quest to become more environmentally friendly. This is another aspect of my life that I like to share on my blog.

What’s one thing you love about being a mom?

I love the way that my son looks at me when he’s truly happy. It warms my heart and makes all the crazy days of toddler attitude worth it. The moments when he snuggles up to me and gives me a big kiss are the moments that I live for.

What’s the hardest thing about motherhood?

Since my son is currently two, I’d have to say his willfulness. He can be very difficult when he gets an idea in his mind and it makes a lot of daily tasks hard.

What is one thing that surprised you about motherhood?

I was surprised by how alone I felt at first. I lost a lot of friends that didn’t want to hang out with me anymore and it was really difficult. It was only when I learned to focus on the positives and the few friendships that got stronger that I got over that feeling.

What’s in your diaper bag/purse?

A better question would be what’s NOT in it! I keep sunscreen, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, toys, books, bags, my wallet, a spare shirt for my son, and first aid supplies. I’m sure there is more, but I can’t always remember everything!

How do you make time to follow your passions?

I try to do things during naptime and after bedtime. My husband works long hours that now allows me to stay home and focus which I am so grateful for. Sometimes I can only work for 10-15 minutes at a time, but whenever I can fit a little work in, I do.

What’s one thing you do for self-care?

I’m awful at self-care. I try and make time for a quick 15 minutes yoga session every day to clear my mind. To be honest, though, I haven’t been doing it very consistently lately. When I don’t have the energy for that, I try and read since that is something I really enjoy.

What advice would you give to other mom’s who are interested in pursuing a dream?

The only person standing in your way is yourself. I was so afraid of failure that I procrastinated starting for a long time. Finally, I realized that the only way I could truly fail is by never trying to begin with. If you really love what you are doing and follow your passion, there is no way you can lose. You may just succeed! So get out of your own way and go for it!